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About Us

JAMAIN is a consultancy company dedicated to building digital products for clients working in the energy field. We help businesses update or improve their processes in response to new opportunities and ever-evolving market needs.

JAMAIN, an Italian-based pioneer in the energy sector, has been delivering cutting-edge solutions for over a decade. Founded in the dynamic city of Milan and now operating out of Genoa, our focus extends beyond mere service delivery. We specialize in the design and implementation of innovative products and services that set industry standards. Our commitment to innovation is recognized and appreciated by our clients who value our proactive and independent approach. At JAMAIN, we don't just meet expectations—we define them. We thrive on creating our own requirements and strategies, steering projects with visionary leadership and expertise.

Our collaborative spirit is at the core of our operations. Open to partnerships, we work seamlessly with both our associates and our clients' chosen partners, ensuring flexibility and enhanced outcomes in all our ventures. As we continue to expand our footprint beyond our Genoese base, JAMAIN remains committed to pioneering advancements in the energy sector, fostering sustainable practices, and enhancing the communities in which we operate. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence in the heart of Italy’s vibrant economic landscape.

What we Do


Leveraging over a decade of industry expertise, JAMAIN offers products that are immediately available to fulfill your energy requirements. Feel free to check out or WA-Cloud products websites.


JAMAIN excels in supporting customers through the crucial stages of requirement gathering and business process optimization. Our expertise in automation ensures that your operations become more efficient, streamlined, and adaptable to changing demands. We are dedicated to enhancing your business capabilities with precision and innovative solutions.


At JAMAIN, our extensive experience in creating our own products has honed our design capabilities. We are now adept at crafting solutions that seamlessly integrate with your application landscape.

Services/Custom development

JAMAIN provides custom development services for customers into the Energy Sector.

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